Art Information


All paint starts with 'PIGMENT'

With is a coloured powder.

Every colour under the sun!

Long ago paint was made from minerals, nowadays it is mostly synthetic.

A good pigment must be lightfast (does not fade) and strong colouring.

Cornelissen make the best pigments

precious painting pigment

Precious Pigment


It is the 'BINDER' which binds the pigment together which makes the qualities of the paint


Oil paint is pigment bound with linseed oil

Acrylic paint is pigment bound with a synthetic polymer

Watercolour paint is pigment bound with Gum Arabic

The pigment is ground together with the binder in a pestle and mortar. (Professional artists use this to make their own paint)

pestle and mortar to make paint


Michael Harding make the best oil paint.

Oil paint dries slowly by taking oxygen from the air

Oil paint is a very old traditional method of painting.

Some consider oil paint is superior to all other mediums.

Oil paint requires skill and patience and complex techniques.

oil paintings




Golden make the best acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint has very special qualities.

You mix colour on the canvas with acrylic paint. Important to work your three tones. DON'T ADD WATER TO ACRYLIC PAINT = THEN YOU HAVE WATERCOLOUR!!

You can paint quickly

Buy a good acrylic paint - a lot of acrylic paint dries too quickly and becomes sticky.

Golden, Amsterdam by Royal Talens stay wet and do not become sticky

It is important to buy a paint which is 100% lightfast pigment and 100% binder = some paints contain marble dust or chalk to 'bulk' out = NOT GOOD!!

acrylic paintings


I like ROYAL TALENS watercolour and Maimeriblu = but everyone has their favourites.

Just remember 1 thing


A difficult medium - it shouldn't be because all you need to do is make the water work but books and tutors make it complicated!

You should start a watercolour with opaque (non see thorough colour) and then add transparent layering.

Pen and ink is good as well.

watercolour paintings


Means using more than one paint medium. i.e oils can be painted over acrylic paint BUT NEVER THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

Often pen and emulsion and oil sticks etc is labelled 'mixed media'

A good artist will ensure the mixed media is 'stable'!

mixed media paintings