abstract paintings for sale by British Artists

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SIZE: 80x80cm

MEDIUM: Oils on a 'HAND MADE CANVAS'. click for details of hand made canvas. Specially made by the artist = i.e. Professional Studio quality canvas.

Click for about oil paintings.


Tiggy = 'TT'

80x80cm Painting = oils on canvas = ready to hang

£650 - includes courier delivery to UK

Tel: 0118 9483155

Tel: 0118 9483155


The illustration shows you the 'Atmosphere' the FINE ART painting 'TT' has in a room. click for the meaning of 'FINE ART'

The image also gives you an idea of the size of the painting = which we have tried to be accurate to scale but please measure your space. This painting 'TT' is 80x80cm in size.

The painting is delivered by courier. The painting has a back hanging wire is ready to place on wall.

You can come and see the paintings at the Magic Easel Studio Gallery click in Mapledurham, Berkshire. Just ask for an appointment.
Tel: 0118 9483155 or email arts@britisharts.co.uk

abstract paintings for sale by British Artists

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