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Oil Painting Weekends .

Tel: 0118 9483155

DATES 2013



WELCOME JoeDaisy Studio, Dons Yard, Mapledurham, Oxon RG4 7TP.
Tel: 0118 9483155 email




    Some people are under a 'misapprehension' as to how to paint with oils. Oils are a FANTSTIC medium but you really need to LEARN how to use them and make the best of the BLEND, the COLOUR MIXING and your BRUSH STROKES


    You do not have to bring anything - art materials, pinny, lunch and refreshments are all provided.

    Please note all our courses have been ORIGINALLY written by Caroline Hulse FRSA or Cat Croxford - copyright is ours. Anyone with the same content is unfortunately copying our courses (very naughty!!)

"Bring Out The Artist in YOU!!"


We Really Look Forward to Seeing You!


You are shown how:

1) The essence of oil painting is in the "blend" - we show you how
2) Colour Mixing
3) How to create a professional product

You paint in a Professional Art Studio: JoeDaisy Studio, Dons Yard, Mapledurham, Oxon

We Bring Out the Artist in YOU!!


A professional approach to 'Alla Prima' (all in one go) oil painting. Everyone has their own space, with Professional easel, painting table, paints, brushes etc. ALL MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED. Blending, mixing colour, preparing canvas, brushes, composition etc. Tuition manual is included.

This is a very concise oil painting weekend, starting at the beginning, with the essential brush work skills, then going on to colour, (how to mix - tones etc) then going on to your own compositions. Tel: 0118 9483155

For Beginners, Improvers and Professionals!

Everyone has their own space, with Professional easel, painting table, paints, brushes etc. ALL PROFESSIONAL ART MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED.

WELCOME TO YOU to ask us any questions
Tel: 0118 9483155 - studio hours 8.30am-6.30pm every day.
or email

Price is £300 for 2 days painting which includes all your art materials and lunch on both days.

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