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These luminous PINK paintings enhance and liven up the dull Maroon furniture

But if we had placed red and green paintings in this space = looks how it makes the Maroon furniture DULLER!!

Just how does this painting make you feel?


Would you place this in yellow surroundings?


1. Do you buy your paintings for the particular COLOUR?

2. Nothing wrong with that!

3. Every colour gives you a specific AURA or FEELING

4. The Science of Colour is well researched.

5. Most men like BLUE!! (Well, this is what we find!)

6. Colour is actually very complex

7. It's not just about a single colour but how it reacts with another colour.

8. Red is stated as a 'WARM' colour but some people find it 'COLD' The same with yellow.

9. There are so many red colours and yellow colours so it is quite difficult to state all red is warm and all yellow is warm - especially when painted next to another colour

10. So don't be too LITERAL with colour - saying I want a BLUE painting because when RED is placed on the blue painting - what do we find? A COOL or WARM painting?

paintings for sale by Heather Miller


This blue painting keeps the space cool = Maybe you would not want to spend too much time here?

But when we place an orange/red painting in the space - it is much warmer. COLOUR IS IMPORTANT

Talk to your artist from whom you are buying a painting = he or she will know how the colour will work with your surroundings (provided you tell her!)

Paintings for sale
Paintings for sale

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