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ART COLLEGES - a list of art colleges and universites offering art courses. click

Art Colleges

ART COMPETITIONS - try your hand at entering an art competition click


Art competitions

CORPORATE ART - paintings and prints for your restaurant, office, hotel or public space click

art for offices, art for restaurants, art for hotels, art for public spaces


ART EXHIBITIONS - Art Exhibitions around the UK click

Art Exhibitions
ART SUPPLIES - Good and reliable online suppliers for all your art materials click
Art Supplies
COMMISSION AN ARTIST - Would you like a portrait or a special painting just for you click
Commission an Artist
ARTS FUNDING - difficult and follow all the instruction carefully - find some resources for arts funding click
arts funding
BANDS TO HIRE - find a band for your function click
Bands to Hire
ART MAGAZINES - get some inspiration and learning from thse magazines click
Art Magazines
STUDIO SPACE - Scarce anywhere other than London - but have a look for your own studio space click
Studio Space
SCAM ALERT - some dodgy people out there - after your money and your paintings click
Scam Alert